Faculty and the Faculty-Student Experience

Faculty and the Faculty-Student Experience

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Faculty and Students

Oberlin asks a lot of its faculty. We ask faculty not simply to be inspiring teachers or groundbreaking scholars, but both. We ask them to involve students in their scholarly and creative work, opening up opportunities for learning that go beyond what’s possible in the classroom. We look for faculty with ambition — men and women whose goal is excellence and who are tireless in pursuing it. This combination of qualities is rare, and those who possess them are in high demand.

Attracting outstanding faculty and keeping them here is critically important to maintaining the impressive strength of our community of teacher/scholars. One of the best ways we meet that challenge is by creating endowed professorships. The campaign seeks to raise funds for new professorships and to broaden the ways faculty engage with students in and out of the classroom.

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Key Points

  • A professorship is higher education’s highest honor and the most visible way to reward accomplishment.
  • Highly accomplished faculty members routinely receive offers to go elsewhere. The prestige and additional compensation of a professorship is a strong incentive to stay. And the promise of a professorship is a powerful enticement as we seek to attract outstanding teachers and scholars to Oberlin.
  • Professorships support scholarly and creative work, helping faculty stay at the forefront of their fields. At Oberlin, faculty involve students in their research, giving them a competitive advantage as they enter the workplace or graduate school.
"It’s important for me to be involved in cutting-edge research. It’s intellectually invigorating. It keeps me going. And because I involve st"
- Dan Stinebring,
The Francis D. Federighi Professor of Natural Sciences